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Facebook and Instagram will reinstate Trump after two-year ban – CNBC

Ghislaine Maxwell: ‘I’m Sure’ That Prince Andrew Photo Isn’t Real – Newser

‘I didn’t need a new job!’ Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes melts down over funding problems – Microsoft Start

These 4 cities will suffer a 2008 crash in home values: Goldman Sachs – NY Post

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Union League honor sparks outrage, protests in Philadelphia – WPVI 6 Philidelphia

Josh Hawley Introduces ‘PELOSI Act’ to Ban Congress from Trading Stocks – Breitbart

YouTube Is Handing Rumble the Crown on a Silver Platter After Its Latest Policy Changes – Red State

Secret Service ready to provide Biden Delaware visitors info, source says –

Students For Ye Stands in Solidarity With Ye Defender Sarah Ma As Tulane Tries To Push Her Off Campus – National File

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces she is RESIGNING in emotional speech – Mirror

Milley holds unannounced visit with Ukrainian top commander to assess war – Washington Times

Neo-Nazi group accused of displaying ‘Keep New England White’ banners faces Civil Rights Act violation – Fox News

DeSantis Says NHL ‘Not Welcome’ After Blatantly Racist Job Posting – en Volve

Random Caller Tells Radio Host He Once Personally Covered Up A ‘Mortifying’ Biden Security Breach – Daily Caller

Dr. Leana Wen slammed after admitting there’s been ‘overcounting’ of COVID deaths: ‘TWO AND A HALF YEARS LATE’ – Fox News

Israel’s outgoing army chief rebukes far-right government – AP

Corrupted File caused Flights Stop. May be a “Souvenir” of 2020 Russian Hackers – Veterans Today

Very True! After stealing the election, Biden and his crew are trying to buy off the voters.
Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Makes Stunning ,Defense of Biden Economy: ‘Better Numbers Than Any Country in the World’ – Mediaite

Board of Supervisors in Shasta County, California Votes to Terminate Its Contract with Dominion Voting Systems and End its Use in Elections – Gateway Pundit

Baggage Handler Tragically Sucked Into Engine Of American Airlines Airplane – Simply Flying

Who cares? The only group of young people who vote in large numbers are college students–and they’re liberal.
Poll: Gen X and Gen Z take different political paths – NBC News

Germany: Ukraine Losing Hundreds of Soldiers Every Day –

Twitter Revives, Then Bans, Account Of Nazi-Loving Insurrectionist Nick Fuentes – HuffPost

United Airlines CEO: Buckle up, buttercups. More travel disruptions are on the way – Hot Air

Whyis Drudge Report Black and White? We investigate Matt’s – LA Weekly

DeSantis lambasted for ‘authoritarian’ ban on African American studies course in Florida high schools – Independent (UK)

VERY URGENT: After four shots, Covid jabs sharply REDUCED immune function in mice – Unreported Truths

Matt Gaetz Introduces Act to Abolish the ATF After They Threatened the 2nd Amendment – Trending Politics

Trump Comments on Possible DeSantis 2024 Bid – TownHall

Joe Biden and the CIA Worked to Install Current Communist Regime in Brazil  – Gateway Pundit

Three major Jewish groups ask Senate to move forward Deborah Lipstadt nomination to be antisemitism monitor – Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Penn State Professor Asks Students To ‘Watch Gay Porn’ To Learn How To Be ‘Bisexual’ – National File

Barry Diller Explores Sale of The Daily Beast – DNYUZ


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How Globalism Is Conquering The Globe

How Globalism Is Conquering The Globe

( Over the years, the Club grew to include a virtual who’s who of the world’s leaders such as former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, David Rockefeller, former Canadian premier Pierre Trudeau, former Vice President Al Gore, former Mexican president Ernesto Zadillo, former Brazilian president Fernando Enrique Cardozo, and its ringleader and organizer Maurice Strong, a Canadian who went on to become the founding executive director of the United Nations Environment Program.

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Why ‘North Dallas Forty’ Is the Best Sports Film Ever

Why ‘North Dallas Forty’ Is the Best Sports Film Ever

(Hollywood in Toto) Peter Gent, the author of the book, “North Dallas Forty” that inspired the movie, was an interesting character. He played college ball with the Michigan Spartans before joining the Dallas Cowboys and then, at the end of his career, the New York Giants.

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Opinion: Is the Deep State Coming After Joe Biden?

Opinion: Is the Deep State Coming After Joe Biden?

(Newsweek) But perhaps the most pressing question is: Why? Why was there a leak to CBS News just now, over two months after Biden attorneys discovered the first tranche of classified documents deep in the bowels of a Penn Biden Center office? Why has there been such a slow, drip-drip, dramatic leaking and reporting of various classified document tranches throughout this whole week?

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How Jewish Is Azov?

How Jewish Is Azov?

(Veterans Today) A modern symbol created as an emblem for the Social-National Party of Ukraine (now known as the Svoboda Party). It is a combination of Ukrainian letters “I” and “N” allegedly written in an “ancient script,” though there is no evidence that these letters were ever written in such a way. The symbol is a variation of the Wolfsangel; a mirror image of the emblem of the SS Panzer Division “Das Reich” (a division of the Nazi security services).

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Why the fight against Kevin McCarthy was necessary

Why the fight against Kevin McCarthy was necessary

(Spectator) After five days of push and pull between different factions of the Republican House majority, Kevin McCarthy of California won his long-sought post as speaker. But as the negotiations wound down and McCarthy inched close to the gavel, he and his allies pivoted their narrative from anger to aspiration.

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The Scariest Developments to Watch Out For in 2023

The Scariest Developments to Watch Out For in 2023

(American Thinker) In just the past two years, our national government has spent roughly $13 trillion and authorized spending trillions more. Politicians use words and phrases like “investments,” “long-term savings,” “reducing inflation,” “protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty,” etc. to justify this. Clearly, they are either lying or living in a fantasy world.

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What the January 6 Videos Will Show

What the January 6 Videos Will Show

(American Greatness) But it was not the fiery, outspoken Barnett who provided the most jaw-dropping testimony in the trial so far. To the contrary, one of the government’s own witnesses confirmed under defense cross-examination that “agents provocateur” were heavily involved in instigating the events of January 6.

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What global elites are worrying about as Davos concludes

What global elites are worrying about as Davos concludes

(The Print) There was cautious optimism that the global economy is not facing recession. The International Monetary Fund set the tone by cutting its growth forecast this year to a still fairly solid 3.5 percent. “Last year at this point in time people were almost too bullish,” Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing said. “Now when I talk to people they are almost too cautious.” As for what that means for central banks, most urged them to be patient in raising interest rates although Wall Street bosses see further hikes from the Federal Reserve.

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Diplomacy in Drag?

Diplomacy in Drag?

(El American) At a time when inflation has forced belt-tightening in households across America, the State Department has seen fit to give a cultural center in Ecuador $20,600 to host “drag theater performances,” with the goal to “promote diversity and inclusion.”

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The Plan to Carve Up Russia

The Plan to Carve Up Russia

(Unz Review) For decades, the idea of dismantling the Soviet Union and Russia has been constantly cultivated in Western countries. Unfortunately, at some point, the idea of using Ukraine to achieve this goal was conceived. In fact, to prevent such a development, we launched the special military operation (SMO). This is precisely what some western countries –led by the United States– strive for; to create an anti-Russian enclave and then threaten us from this direction. Preventing this from happening is our primary goal. Vladimir Putin

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Edward VIII: Forbidden Secrets

Edward VIII: Forbidden Secrets

(Renegade Tribune) Here we have a true real conspiracy against Germany that was the cause of WWI first, and then indirectly but consequently of Russian Revolution, of the end of Central Empires and their political order, of anarchy in Germany during Weimar Republic followed by a ”necessary law” and order counterbalance Nazi Regime inspired to a myth of a new Kaiser and finally of WWII all.

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‘Hillsdale Of The South’: DeSantis Appointees Are Restoring Florida’s Public Liberal Arts College To Classical Roots

‘Hillsdale Of The South’: DeSantis Appointees Are Restoring Florida’s Public Liberal Arts College To Classical Roots

(The Federalist) By appointing enough new trustees to give the 13-member board a conservative majority, however, DeSantis hopes to transform the school using the same classical education model employed by Hillsdale College, a small liberal arts school in southern Michigan whose core curriculum emphasizes the classical texts of the Western tradition.

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Can Jordan Peterson Sink Any Lower?

Can Jordan Peterson Sink Any Lower?

(National Vanguard) What’s this got to do Jordan Peterson, the man famous for telling other men to clean up their rooms? Well you probably know that he has taken up a lavishly-rewarded position with Ben Shapiro’s media operation. You also know that if Ben is forking out this many shekels, he’ll want his pound of flesh.

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Where Is The FBI Raid Of Joe Biden?

Where Is The FBI Raid Of Joe Biden?

(The Federalist) Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered the U.S. attorney in Chicago to investigate nearly a dozen documents marked classified from President Joe Biden’s time as vice president found at a private office, according to CBS News.

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Is a debt ceiling crisis the only solution?

Is a debt ceiling crisis the only solution?

(Washington Examiner) By law, when federal government deficit spending reaches the “debt limit,” the amount of money the government is authorized to borrow to meet its legal obligations, including Social Security and Medicare, interest on the national debt, tax refunds, and other payments, then the debt ceiling must be raised.

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Truly Captivating! A History that reads like a novel.

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