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British warships head for Black Sea as Russian troops mass on Ukrainian border

Gen. Flynn Makes Announcement About Supporting Lin Wood

The Importance of Bill Maher’s Liberal Contrarianism

Florida and other States seek to pass anti-Riot Laws.

Russia kicks-out Biden Diplomats, bans AG Merrick Garland and FBI’s Christopher Wray

DOJ investigating whether ‘Russiagate’ inquirer Kash Patel leaked classified info

NO ONE Met Japanese Prime Minister at the White House Door Except Stationary Army Guard

Florida Gov Ron DeSantis joins Rumble after Big Tech censorship

Brett Favre Pummels Politics in Sports, Says NFL Kneeling Brought ‘More Turmoil Than Good’

Allegations Surface That The Identity Of Ashli Babbitt’s Shooter Is Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd

Army Sargeant Jonathan Pentland Arrested: Reports Say Black Suspect Sexually Harassed Woman, Tried to Snatch Baby

Rumble offers another reason to quit YouTube with new live streaming feature

Big Victory In Arizona Ballot Recount Effort

James O’Keefe going scorched earth with lawsuits against Twitter and CNN

Mick Jagger Releases Anti-Lockdown, Anti-Bill Gates and Anti-Deep State Song

New Poll Shows Biden Can’t Shake Voters’ Belief That Democrats Cheated In 2020 Election

Within two months, America will know whether or not Trump is returning to office

‘Squad’ Member Calls for Abolishing Police After Daunte Wright Incident

Radio Host Stew Peters turns down major contract, refuses “to bow to compromised networks.’

Mike Lindell reveals perfect timestamp correlation between late night vote ‘drops’ and Chinese cyberattacks

Iran says Natanz nuclear facility was sabotaged. Was it Israel?

A ‘Boogaloo’ extremist group destroyed evidence



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Alan Dershowitz, First Guest On Mike Lindell’s “FRANK” Social Media Platform Drops Bombshell…Announces $1.6 Billion Lawsuit Against Dominion

Alan Dershowitz, First Guest On Mike Lindell’s “FRANK” Social Media Platform Drops Bombshell…Announces $1.6 Billion Lawsuit Against Dominion

(Gateway Pundit) Dershowitz blasted Dominion for refusing to share its source code. “It’s as if My Pillow ere accused of having some secret poison in its formula, and you couldn’t tell it by just looking at the pillow, and then somehow My Pillow said, we’re not going to give your our formula, we’re going to hide it from you.

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