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A Klansman/Albert Pike

Senior FBI official: I haven’t had time to read the Durham report – Hot Air

Spokane sermon goes viral for violent anti-trans message –

The FBI Knows What Car Was Used In J6 DNC Pipe Bomb, But Refuses To Identify Prime Suspect – The Federalist

Neo-Nazi Militias are commencing an insurrection on the Ukrainian Frontier and are attacking Russian Villages – Vice

NASCAR investigating racist messages sent to driver at All-Star race – Microsoft Start

Mitt Romney Has His First Primary Challenger – Townhall

The Pentagon has pulled back on its efforts to fight extremism in the ranks – Task & Purpose

Shootout at Baja California car rally leaves 10 dead, 10 wounded – Washington Examiner

Mayor of London has PTSD and Trump is to blame for it – Hot Air

‘Radioactive cloud’ threatening western Europe – Russian security chief – RT

Assad gets warm reception as Syria welcomed back into Arab League – AlJazeera

Jewish School Teacher Arrested For ‘Terrorizing’ Students With Baseball Bat And Arsenal Of Guns After Finding Swastika Drawings – Christians for Truth

Montana becomes the first state to ban TikTok – KTVH – Helena

Protests at Florida campuses target DeSantis proposals. ‘We’re not shutting up.’ – Tampa Bay Times

FOX News Producer Reveals, “Tucker Getting Fired Was Part of It” – The Dominion Settlement! (VIDEO) – Gateway Pundit

Pentagon leak suspect Jack Teixeira was preparing for a violent ‘race war’ against Black and Jewish people – MicroSoft Start

Baltimore Sues Hyundai, Kia For Making Cars That Are Too Easy For Their Residents to Steal – Information Liberation

Deep State CAUGHT Fabricating Evidence That Allen Texas Shooter Was ‘Hispanic Neo-Nazi’ – en Volve

Credit Card Giants back away from tracking Gun Purchases – Free Range American

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez mulls 2024 White House run despite sharing Florida with DeSantis – Fox Business

Salvadoran President Bukele Claims His Country has logged 365 Days without Homicides – Breitbart

Following Major Boycott, Target Releases Statement on Pride Collection in MASSIVE Victory for Conservatives –  DC Patriot

Could Oprah Winfrey replace Dianne Feinstein, 89, in the Senate? – Daily Mail

Feds move in and transfer Stewart Rhodes from DC Gulag to shut him up – Gateway Pundit

‘The Dodgers Have Become the Bud Light of Baseball’: CatholicVote Blasts Dodgers for Caving to Anti-Catholic Drag Queens – Breitbart

Adolf Hitler Birth House in Austria to be used for Police Human Rights training – BBC

‘White Supremacist’ Indian Dude tried to kill Biden with an empty U-Haul Truck – Def-Con News

Black Lives Matter Sees 88 PERCENT Drop In Donations As The Organization’s Shady Practices Come To Light – DC Inquirer

World Health Organization warns of ‘unusual surge’ in severe Myocarditis in Babies – Black Listed News

Twitter Censors Virginia Flaggers Profile Pic, Calls Historical Imagery ‘Hateful’ – National File

AOC Backed a Migrant Trucker ‘Boycott’ of Florida. It Had Zero Impact. – National Pulse

RFK Jr.: ‘I Got Sold on Bitcoin When I Saw What Happened to the Truckers in Ottawa’ –  Breitbart

Ron DeSantis’ 2024 Presidential Campaign Launch is Imminent – Becker News

Ex-paramilitary leader testifies about assassinations in Colombia – AlJazeera

Jeffrey Epstein Moved $270,000 for Noam Chomsky and Paid $150,000 to Leon Botstein – Wall Street Journal

Elon Musk Pauses for 12 Awkward Seconds When Asked About His Conspiracy Theory Tweets – Mediaite

Neo-Nazis violently clash with police, protesters in Melbourne – 1News

This Neo-Nazi Gets Paid to Groom Children. Who’s Supporting This? – Rolling Stone

Florida rejects Holocaust textbooks for falling afoul of ‘woke’ education ban – Times of Israel

Rachel Maddow for Gets Anti-Semites Booted from Mar-a-Lago event  – Mediaite

‘We’re against LGBT’: Erdoğan targets gay and trans people ahead of critical Turkish election – The Guardian

A New Film by Dinesh D’Souza to Debut in 2024 – The Righting

CNN blasted by its own analyst for Trump town hall: ‘Guy who tried to get me killed’ –  Fox News

SHOCKING images emerge of Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters dressed as a Nazi at Berlin concert where inflatable pig emblazoned with Star of David floats over crowd – Daily Mail

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Calls For Dismantling Of FBI, CIA And NSA In Cryptic Tweet With Photo Of JFK – en Volve

Large Brawl breaks out at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Baggage Claim as Travellers yank hair and land blows – U.S. Sun

Prominent Texas Radio Personality says America needs a ‘Strong Man’ who should assert authoritarian rule –  HuffPost

Politico compares Casey DeSantis to ‘Lady Macbeth’ – en Volve

Nervous NAACP issues travel advisory in Florida – Hot Air

2024 GOP Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Promises to Release Jeffrey Epstein’s Client List If  Elected President – en Volve

NATO And Ukraine Caught Running Covert ‘KILL LIST’ Targeting Tucker Carlson, Scott Ritter, Col. Douglas McGregor And Others – en Volve

Russia bans Obama, Maddow, Colbert over sanctions – Yahoo News

60,000 Lbs. Explosive Ammonium Nitrate Missing from Train in California – Breitbart

HHS ‘knowingly’ transferred migrant children to criminals, sex traffickers, GOP senators charge – Fox News

At Least Seven People Shot in Yuma Arizona – Suspect on the Loose – Gateway Pundit

“You Should be Ashamed of Yourself! – You’re Not Reporting Facts, You’re Telling Lies!” – Ted Cruz scolds Reporter (VIDEO) – Gateway Pundit

German Foreign Minister issues warning to South Africa – RT

U.S. may freeze bank withdrawals as currency fear rises, expert warns – World Net Daily

Icahn, Under Federal Investigation, Blasts Short Seller – Wall Street Journal

Former CIA Officer : Drone Attack Targeting Putin Was Authorized By Biden Admin – enVolve

Fox News Boasts ’40 New Advertisers’ For 8PM Time Slot – Information Liberation

Russian Liberals Change Genders to Dodge the Draft – National File

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    Corporate America Has Launched A Religious War. It’s Time To Choose Your Side

    Corporate America Has Launched A Religious War. It’s Time To Choose Your Side

    (The Federalist) Bud Light enlists a trans ladyface minstrel to sell beer. Target hires a trans Satanist to design LGBT clothes for kids and starts selling “binding” and “tucking” swimwear. North Face launches a marketing campaign featuring a creepy drag performer hocking LGBT gear to children ages 2 to 7. The Los Angeles Dodgers gives an award to a demonic hate group whose sole purpose is to blaspheme and profane the Catholic faith.

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    Why Won’t Republicans Move On From Trump?

    Why Won’t Republicans Move On From Trump?

    (American Mind) What some mainstream conservatives and pundits aren’t considering, given our bleak 2024 electoral landscape (unresolved DNC-sponsored mass mail-in voting; an open border with millions of people streaming across it; an administrative state and media complex actively colluding and working against the people) is that Trump’s era was, and probably is, the last time flyover country will ever see executive representation in Washington again.

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    Democrats Demand Homage to the Ghost of J. Edgar Hoover

    Democrats Demand Homage to the Ghost of J. Edgar Hoover

    (American Greatness) Though the public was unaware at the time, the seminal Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) director, J. Edgar Hoover, was a political extortionist. Deftly manipulating both his political opponents and the press, Hoover was able to retain his job, pursue his causes, indulge his friends, and crush his enemies with impunity.

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    The Great White Scapegoat: The Truth About Embattled Football Legend Brett Favre

    The Great White Scapegoat: The Truth About Embattled Football Legend Brett Favre

    (Revolver) You never see those commercials anymore or his Copper Fit ones. Favre has lost his endorsements because of lies from the press. They accuse him of stealing welfare funds. The Huffington Post called Brett a “welfare queen,” and wrote, “This wealthy football player stole welfare money to build a volleyball center for his kid.” Deadspin said Favre “stole from poor Black people in Mississippi.”

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    The coming Russian revolution will unleash horrifying new demons

    The coming Russian revolution will unleash horrifying new demons

    (The Telegraph) Yevgeny Prigozhin’s latest bombast against the Russian MOD and, by inference, the Kremlin itself, should not be seen as just another rant from a blowhard with a track record. His extraordinary threats of internal violence – “mobs with pitchforks” – and even revolution are a stark indicator of just how serious things are getting behind the scenes for Putin’s regime.

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    Harari Confirms the link between Artificial Intelligence Techniques and QAnon

    Harari Confirms the link between Artificial Intelligence Techniques and QAnon

    (Leo Lyon Zagami) Schwab’s buddy and WEF advisor, Yuval Noah Harari, took the central stage as a special guest of the Frontiers Forum to share many of his insights on a wide range of topics, from AI tools to controversial QAnon and Q posts. Involuntarily confirming at times with his own distinct words and elitarian attitude, which I warned about in Volume 7.

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    Will DeSantis lose if he runs to the right of Trump?

    Will DeSantis lose if he runs to the right of Trump?

    (Spectator) “Negative partisanship” is a notorious feature of American politics. In presidential elections especially, voters don’t vote for the party and candidate they like; they vote against the party and candidate they fear. This is one reason third-party politics is a waste of time. If voters want to prevent the worst outcome, they will always choose the most viable alternative over the best alternative.

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    Rescue from the Matrix A Review of Paul Craig Roberts’ New Book, “Empire Of Lies”

    Rescue from the Matrix A Review of Paul Craig Roberts’ New Book, “Empire Of Lies”

    (Unz Review) What makes Paul Craig Roberts’ writing so powerful, is his ability to cut through false narratives and identify the elite agendas that are shaping events. This is the work of a truth-teller which is the designation that is typically applied to Roberts. The term refers to a person of deep moral convictions who devotes his life to exposing the lies and fabrications of the state and its corrupt allies.

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    Why a Shadowy Tech Firm called Cybereason with Ties to Israeli Intelligence Is Running Doomsday Election Simulations

    Why a Shadowy Tech Firm called Cybereason with Ties to Israeli Intelligence Is Running Doomsday Election Simulations

    (Whitney Webb) Election Day 2020: 32 Americans dead, over 200 injured, martial law declared and the election itself is canceled. While this horrific scenario seems more like the plot of a Hollywood film, such was the end result of a recent simulation examining the preparedness of U.S. officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the U.S. Secret Service against “bad actors” seeking to undermine the upcoming presidential election.

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    Florida Man in Full REVIEW: ‘Swamp Story: A Novel’ by Dave Barry

    Florida Man in Full REVIEW: ‘Swamp Story: A Novel’ by Dave Barry

    (Washington Free Beacon) With former president Donald Trump and (likely) Gov. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.) vying for the presidency, the Sunshine State is having a moment. Thankfully, Dave Barry’s new novel, Swamp Story, isn’t about draining the political swamp. Based in the Florida Everglades (which is technically not a swamp), the setting offers a warm respite for those in search of some much-needed levity.

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    OPINION | JOHN BRUMMETT: About that Durham Report …

    OPINION | JOHN BRUMMETT: About that Durham Report …

    (Arkansas Democrat Gazette) I ran through, for the retiree class, a few of the contradictory interpretive headlines in respectable newspapers on the Durham Report. That’s the document summarizing the findings of special counsel John Durham’s investigation into whether the Justice Department sought to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 on allegations of collusion with Russia.

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    The FBI or the Stasi?

    The FBI or the Stasi?

    (Hot Air) But their leaders? They are, it turns out, a bunch of corrupt hacks, and far too few agents are willing to buck the system. Perhaps they are wise to do so, given what happens to anybody who objects. You could become homeless. The FBI did this to an agent. Now the Democrats are sliming them as traitors.

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    Democrats Claim Florida Will Face Economic Chaos After DeSantis Bans Illegal Migrants

    Democrats Claim Florida Will Face Economic Chaos After DeSantis Bans Illegal Migrants

    (Townhall) Last week, DeSantis signed Senate Bill 1718, making it more difficult for illegal aliens to enter the state. Going into effect July 1, the new law imposes “[h]arsher penalties for transporting undocumented immigrants into Florida,” “[i]nvalidates driver’s licenses” for those who can’t prove their legal status, requires hospitals that receive Medicaid to confirm patients’ immigration status and allocates $12 million “to send migrants out of Florida.”

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    Is Russia on the Verge of Collapse?

    Is Russia on the Verge of Collapse?

    (American Thinker) A successful war requires centralization, unified command, and a clear military hierarchy. This means that private military companies are not only useless, but possibly harmful during military operations. Then why is the number of private military companies in the Russian Federation increasing so much?

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    Truly Captivating! A History that reads like a novel.

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