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Arizona Secretary of State runs away in fear…

Rep. Debbie Dingell on Facebook Ban: Trump Is ‘Contributing to Sedition’

Former CBP Chief: Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas ‘Turning U.S. into Sanctuary Country’ for Illegal Aliens

Negroids attacking Asians Nationwide but Media remains silent.

GOP Cooking Up Plan to Give Liz Cheney’s Leadership Role to Elise Stefanik, Who is Hardly a conservative

USA Today Targets Chinese-Americans for Supporting Proud Boys

South Dakota Governor encourages Seattle Police Officers to apply in South Dakota

UK Report predicts 70% of the Deaths in the next wave of COVID will be fully Vaccinated Individuals.

Most Vaccinated Nation has rise in COVID cases.

FB Bans Trump Indefinetly.

FBI agents SHOOT ‘armed intruder’ after hours-long standoff at CIA entrance gate

Bank of America: “Transitory Hyperinflation Ahead”

Justice Clarence Thomas, Long Silent, Has Turned Talkative

Kentucky Derby Fans Drown Out Dem Gov. Andy Beshear’s Speech With Loud BOOS!

BLM-Antifa Rioters Target Upscale Restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, At Least One Protester Is Armed! – Restaurant Patron Pulls a Pistol! (VIDEO)

George W. Bush Lobbies Republicans to Work with Joe Biden on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Fundraiser for Idaho deputy who was suspended for viral video mocking LeBron James nets $310K as donors rally to defend police

Frustrated Israelis Says Russian Navy Protecting Iranian Tankers to Syria

Pilot Wounded as Cartel Shoots at Border State Police Helicopter in Mexico

Nick Fuentes Put on the No-Fly List by the Feds – Conservative Twitter Forms Convoy!

Biden: White supremacists are America’s ‘most lethal terrorist threat’

Montana is first state to cancel Unemployment benefits in response to unprecedented worker shortage

Black Lives Matter Issues List of New Terror Demands, Including Banning Trump From Office and Ending Law Enforcement

25 killed in Rio de Janeiro shoot-out as Brazilian police clash with drug cartel in Favela 

Kevin McCarthy’s Luxury Rental Firm’s Largest Shareholder Is Mao’s Grandson.

5 UFO News Stories That Came From Experts And Official Sources

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors At It Again – Won’t Provide Routers Requested by Auditors of County’s 2020 Election Results

US is far from rejoining Iran nuclear deal, Biden reportedly tells Mossad chief

Israel’s Netanyahu faces midnight deadline to form government

Chauvin juror who attended pre-trial rally may jeopardize guilty verdict

US ends VISA services for most Russians

Chauvin Juror Admits Deceiving Judge, Urges More BLM Activists to Invade Juries to ‘Spark Some Change’

Newsmax Apologizes to Dominion, Throws Vote Fraud Whistleblowers Under the Bus to Avoid Lawsuit

Biden’s Pentagon Denies Veterans Biker Group a Parking Permit for Memorial Day Event – First Time in 32 Years

Twitter Attempts To Discredit Arizona Election Audit Underway In Maricopa County

Liz Cheney: Biden’s not my enemy so why can’t I fist-bump him?

Idaho Cop Suspended For Viral TikTok Mocking LeBron James’ Police Threat

Democrats are pushing to pack Supreme Court with left-wing activists, financed by “dark money” donors

Texas Will Secure the Border, and the Biden Administration Will Pay for It’

Bad News for Australia: China Doesn’t Need Its Coal, Can Maintain Sanctions Indefinitely

Optimistic Fed Signals “Strengthening” Economy, Shrugs Off Inflation As “Transitory”

MAGA Rallies are Coming Back: Here is When to Expect Them & Trump’s 2024 Announcement


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Why DC Shouldn’t Be a State

Why DC Shouldn’t Be a State

(Right-Wing News) Democrats have been pushing the idea of making DC into a state for decades. They give all kinds of reasons for that, but it really comes down to the fact that it would add two new Senate seats that would forevermore be filled by Democrats.

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The 108th Anniversary of Mary Phagan’s Murder

The 108th Anniversary of Mary Phagan’s Murder

(National Vanguard) TODAY let us remember together the death of an innocent girl, little Mary Phagan, who met her death more than a century ago this week. Her rapist, her convicted murderer, was her sweatshop boss, Leo Frank, a mid-level member of the Jewish establishment.

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“They Want Us In Gulags” (That Includes Trump). Why VDARE.com Is Suing Facebook For Defamation

“They Want Us In Gulags” (That Includes Trump). Why VDARE.com Is Suing Facebook For Defamation

(Vdare) Facebook’s unelected multinational, multicultural, uniLeftist panel has just upheld its ban on Donald J. Trump, meaning that the 45th President of the U.S. is still unable to communicate with his 74,222,958 American voters [Facebook Ban On Donald Trump Will Hold, Social Media’s Oversight Board Rules, by Shannon Bond, NPR, May 5, 2021].(He has started a blog at DonaldJTrump.com/desk, something we suggested here.)

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The Never-ending Hunt for a Trump Crime

The Never-ending Hunt for a Trump Crime

(American Thinker) The news that federal investigators searched and seized electronic devices from the apartment and office of Rudy Giuliani, a Trump lawyer, raises so many questions and involves so much missing information that even someone as skilled a mystery writer as Patricia Cornwell might have difficulty unraveling the story.

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