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Russia & Israel are united by both nations’ ‘resolute rejection’ of anti-semitism and ‘any manifestations of xenophobia’ – Putin

Turkey orders arrest of 158 suspects with links to Muslim cleric Gulen, accused of being behind 2016 coup attempt

Thousands protest in El Salvador against ‘dictator’ President Bukele

While Bush & Biden praise the late Colin Powell, ‘war criminal’ trends on Twitter

CIA, FBI Have Informants Everywhere: That’s How the Feds Control Dissent

Nebraska AG Says Doctors Can Legally Prescribe Ivermectin, HCQ for COVID, Calls out FDA, CDC, Fauci, Media for ‘Fueling Confusion and Misinformation’

China Tests New Hypersonic Nuclear-Capable Missile That Circled Entire Globe at Low-Orbit – US Military Officials Stunned

Soros Drops $1 Million on Anti-Police Effort in Austin

Barbra Streisand Gushes over Adam Schiff’s New Anti-Trump Book ‘Midnight in Washington’

Welcome to Bruce Lee County? Petition wants to change name from Robert E. Lee County

Gab CEO Andrew Torba: ‘ADL Is Anti-Christ, Anti-White, Anti-American’ Unregistered Foreign Agent Of Israel

David Amess: Man arrested after reports 69-year-old Conservative MP stabbed ‘multiple times’

Guatemalan Villagers Kidnap Nurses and destroy COVID Vaccines.

Spectator causes massive crash of Cyclists at Tour de’ France.

Dane suspected of bow and arrow attack in Norway that killed five

AZ Sen. Rogers Ramps Up Pressure on AG Brnovich: ‘Arrest Those Who Stole Our Elections & Deleted the Election Data’

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Fighting For His Political Career, Facing Leftist Racist Attacks



Dartmouth College prof David Blanchflower warns that the real state of the economy has been skewed by Biden’s huge unemployment payments

Diver finds 900-year-old crusader sword off Israel’s coast

Stew Peters Unveils Alleged Antifa ‘Hit List’ Targeting President Trump, High-Profile Republicans

Expect Inflation, Supply Shortages To Last Well Into 2022, Economists Say

School Knew Student Was Bullied Into Taking His Own Life After Writing Racial Slur In Group Text, Lawyers Say

Kamala Harris, Other Top Biden Officials Missing In Action During Crises

16-Year-Old Teen Killed In Shooting Was Gang Member Suspected Of Homicide, Robbing Asian-Americans

Russia Says Israel Again Used Civilian Airliners as Cover in Air Attack on Syria

Trump-Endorsed Congressional Candidate Steve Carra Hit with Bogus Accusation of Assault at Michigan Forensic Audit Rally

Trump Keeps Telling People Not to Vote

Welcome back to ‘70s-style stagflation misery, thanks to Uncle Joe

Tucker Carlson Mocks Pete Buttigieg’s Paternity Leave, Says He’s ‘Trying to Figure Out How to Breastfeed’

Military Archbishop: Catholic Soldiers May Follow Their Conscience and Reject COVID Vaccine

Kyrie Irving’s Teammates Abandon Him in NBA Vax Fight

List of US Companies Secretly Owned by China: Tesla, Microsoft, GM, Uber,…

Upcoming ‘Anti-White’ Documentary Exposes True Racist Agenda of the Radical Left

Kremlin Removes Victoria Nuland From Sanctions List, Welcomes Her to Moscow

Newsmax Host Kelley Cites Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Mick Jagger’s Lips, and Queer Eye to Defend Jon Gruden

Superman Goes Anal in New Children’s Picture Book – Daily Stormer












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American Pravda: Remembering the Liberty

American Pravda: Remembering the Liberty

(Unz Review) I’m not exactly sure when I first heard of the Liberty incident of 1967. The story was certainly a dramatic one, the attack upon an almost defenseless American intelligence ship by Israel’s air and naval forces late in the Six Day War fought against several Arab states.

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America Is Under Talmudic Law

America Is Under Talmudic Law

(Veterans Today) Right wing campaigners against the alleged imminent imposition of Sharia law announce that they are defending the ‘Constitution against Islam.’ We have never seen a case where Islamic law profoundly influenced members of the Supreme Court

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Pentagon takes on Texas over vaccine mandates

Pentagon takes on Texas over vaccine mandates

(Hot Air) Governor Greg Abbott has issued an executive order forbidding any companies from instituting vaccine mandates. But as of yesterday, the Pentagon has informed all of its contractors in the Lone Star State that they must comply with Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate

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